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JAGAS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION - A dental trading corporation with offices in the Philippines and the United States. We handle the design, development and implementation of the website, www.jagasdental.com.
TIRTA SPA BORACAY - The Best Spa in Asia 2010 was awarded to Tirta Spa. A world-class destination spa located in Boracay Island. Visit the newly designed website, www.tirtaspa.com.
REGORON PROJECT SUPPORT SERVICES(PSS)- is an independent Filipino owned construction, services and rental company. REGORON PSS was formed in June 1996 as a support group only and was registered in August of 1998. The company is still very young but the people behind it are seasoned professionals and well exposed in international and multinational engineering, construction, installation and rehabilitation projects. Visit www.regoron.com.
92 AD VOCAL ENSEMBLE - Here’s a group that is fast becoming a byword in the wedding scene - - 92AD. In the wedding circuit, you will most likely hear about them from wedding suppliers, coordinators, or newly married couples.
Visit www.92adsingers.com.
PRASHANT SPA BORACAY - A newly launched Tirta Spa brand, "Prashant Spa Boracay," takes its name from the Sanskrit, "Shant," meaning "Great Peace or Extreme Calm" and is located within the Tirta Spa estate. Prashant Spa Boracay has been conceived and developed within the premises of Tirta Spa Boracay Island to cater to today’s weary traveler, seeking high-quality therapies in a contemporary, holistic ambience and to ensure that the all-important rest and rejuvenation that is part of a memorable seaside escape in paradise, will be accessible to an even wider client-base. Visit www.prashantspa.com.
REMED PHARMACEUTICAL - A pharamaceutical company that offers a wide variety of products and medicines. www.remedpharmaph.com.
EDU PHARMA ENTERPRISE - is a distributor of branded medicines with a core product of Cefuroxime Axetil-EDUCEF and other antibiotics, anti-allergy, anti-fungal, vitamins and anti-diabetic agents. EDU PHARMA started its operation in Northern Luzon in 2003 and has expanded vigorously nationwide in 2006. Visit www.edupharmaph.com.
EXTREME OPERATIONS PROTECTIVE DETECTIVE SERVICES is a professional security organization with experienced security executives leading the effort. We have assembled a world-class network of elite protective operatives to deliver private security services and products to an international array of private and public sector clients requiring protection for a host of physical threats including crime, political instability, and terrorism. Visit www.extremeoperations.com.
THE GENERIC PLACE PHARMACY - is now open for franchise. If you are willing to learn the business and operate with a franchise system, very honest and with integrity, and motivated to succeed and grow, then you're the NEXT FRANCHISEE! It offers a wide variety of generic medicines. From Anti-Microbial, Vitamins, Anti-Tubercolosis up to food supplements. Visit www.thegenericplace.com.
SCRAPVENUE - A Scrapbooking Blog where traditional scrapbooking meets digital design. Check out the wide collection of layouts, animated scrapbooks and freebies. Visit www.scrapvenue.com.
VMOBILE LOADXTREME E-LOADING BUSINESS - Your resource site in learning and building your own business using your cellphone. Visit www.vmobile.hotadsph.com.

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